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GRIMSTONE - A Tactical Combat RPG Set in the Age of Pistol & Musket


GRIMSTONE is an immersive and lethal Tactical Combat - Tabletop Roleplaying Game developed by Angelos Kyprianos. The game showcases original artwork by Charidimos Bitsakakis, who designed gravure-like illustrations to authentically capture the essence and atmosphere of this dark fantasy, flintlock RPG project. Supplementary artwork from credited sources is also incorporated into the book.


The captivating world of Grimstone unfolds in "Mea," a small yet ancient fantasy realm existing within the universe of Radrum. Mea is marked by the duality of its two gods, Vestia and Berikan, representing the Moon and the Sun respectively, both symbolizing significant aspects of Mea's history. Consequently, Mea remains perpetually divided between Light and Darkness, Sunborn and Moonborn Tribes, Science and Magic, Religion and Paganism.


Grimstone offers an engaging and perilous combat system, emphasizing the environment and individual character skills. Whether it's gunfighting, melee combat, or magic, the game mechanics ensure equal excitement across different approaches.

Utilizing a combat grid, miniatures, or tokens, Grimstone features a classless system that allows for the flexible development of characters. Players can choose from various Domains such as Traditional Weapons (swords, axes, etc.), Advanced Weapons (pistols, muskets, etc.), Unarmed Combat, Magic, and Science (medicine, alchemy, mechanics, etc.).

During combat, players must factor in Distance, Obstacles, and other environmental parameters that influence their rolls for attacks. Each player must make strategic use of the terrain and environment to secure advantageous positions. Firearms and spells are subject to the laws of physics, while melee weapons require characters to cover significant distances or employ stealth to reach their opponents.


Character customization in Grimstone involves selecting Domains, Variations, Feats, and other traits. Each Tribe offers default Attribute settings, including "Body," "Instinct," and "Mind," as well as enhanced Senses such as "Sight," "Scent," and "Hearing."

Rather than experience points granted by the Story Teller, players can gain experience through practice or combat engagements.


The Sun and the Moon play integral roles in various aspects of the game. Each Tribe is aligned with either the Sun or the Moon or a combination of both. Abilities and powers of each Tribe can be influenced by the presence and phases of the Sun and the Moon. For instance, instead of restricting an ability to a once-per-day use, abilities may be tied to specific lunar phases, such as the High or Full Moon.


Grimstone employs a lethal system where each attack requires a separate Anatomy Roll. Characters can sustain a limited number of wounds, and a single shot from a gun or a spell can prove fatal if precautions and tactical considerations are neglected. The Science domain offers methods such as healing, surgery, and other techniques to address critical wounds and severe injuries.


Playable Tribes
The Tribes in Grimstone are predominantly human, with the exception of the Verun (vampires) and the Lyva (werewolves). However, within the game's lore, these non-human creatures are treated as human tribes. This decision was made to maintain a focus on human-centric high fantasy. The Tribes' rich histories and cultural clashes provide ample inspiration for roleplaying.


The game's development originated with a focus on gunfights. A simple formula of additive pool dice was devised, allowing players to roll more dice based on their expertise in specific Domains (Traditional Weapons, Advanced Weapons, etc.), subsequently

deducting points from their Effectiveness Roll to account for factors such as Distance (measured in Tiles), Obstacles (trees, rocks, walls, etc.), and other variables.

Grimstone offers a tactical and lethal gameplay experience. At the start of each battle, characters strive to secure the Advantage Point within their battleground, providing advantages like higher ground, cover from obstacles, and stealth bonuses.


Magic is intentionally kept minimal but impactful in Grimstone. It is one of the available Domains and allows players to select Grimoires containing spells subject to the laws of physics, similar to weapons. Projectile spells, such as Bolts, are affected by Distance, Obstacles, and other factors.

Engaging in spell casting increases a character's blood toxicity, necessitating caution in the frequency and intensity of their magical endeavors.


The inclusion of "Science" as a Domain in Grimstone introduces exciting possibilities both within and outside of combat. Science provides access to disciplines such as Medicine, Alchemy, and Engineering, granting characters diverse options. Medicine offers off-combat choices like "Surgery," essential for treating characters who have suffered critical hits. Engineering enables the repair and maintenance of jammed weapons, a common occurrence that can disrupt gunfighters, forcing them to resort to melee combat or other alternatives.

Grimstone - Core Rules

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