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Set in the world of Vitallia (Meteor Tales Universe).

This is a LITRPG Novel.

A Pirate Fantasy Epic that cannot be missed!

Yearning to escape the horrors that lurk beneath the ocean and the dark world of those that sail it, Arsik, a seasoned sailor of the Trident Empire, seeks refuge on the serene island of Sarathorn. But while he runs from a life of danger, his own anger threatens to consume his soul.
Desperate to maintain his fragile tranquility, Arsik must confront treacherous pirates, cunning thieves, and the siren's song of a mystical jungle.
A reckless game of dice and a misplaced confrontation thrust Arsik into a life-or-death race against time. His past and present collide as he embarks on one final voyage, venturing back into the perilous waters where malevolence lurks and unexpected love awaits.
This odyssey is filled with danger, magic, and the ultimate question: Will the sea be his salvation or undoing?

Karadra's Shipwreck (ebook)

2,99 € Regular Price
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