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Meteor Tales

Age of Grit


Welcome to Vitallia! This epic world is filled with uncharted lands that await you. Monsters lurk in every corner, especially in the winter, and the great Sentinel that lives in a crater in the center of the world unleashes powerful weather phenomena that serve as a reminder of the fragility of mortals. 


Study the kingdoms and the customs of the peoples of Vitallia, read their history, and study the Great War between the Gods and the Sentinel, which altered Vitallia’s story forever. 


 This book is the ultimate guide to the world of Vitallia. Study it to create fascinating campaigns using hundreds of locations, each with individual encounter tables and lore, unique items from each culture, and information that will provide you with the depth you always wanted for your sessions. 


 Written by Angelos Kyprianos 

Meteor Tales: Age of Grit - Book of Lore: World of Vitallia (hardcover)

38,00 €Price
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