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A story from the world of Vitallia (Universe of Meteor Tales).

This is a LITRPG novel.

As Mascardi and his loyal crew forge ahead into the uncharted southern seas, the air remains thick with the scent of death. With Lothen's ships relentlessly pursuing them, the brave sailors aboard the Seagull are thrust into yet another harrowing chapter of their journey. Confronted by fresh challenges, they must face the consequences of their past choices, paying a steep price.

Unrest festers within the hearts of the crew, and with each new trial, their spirit wanes. Will their unwavering loyalty to their captain endure, compelling them to follow him to the ends of the earth? What unfathomable monsters lie in wait on their path? Or will the crew gamble their luck in a daring bid to safeguard their own survival?

The Trident Saga Part 2: Daughter of the sea - Angelos Kyprianos

9,90 €Price
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