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Meteor Tales: Age of Grit is now on Kickstarter!


About Spiral Lane Productions

Fantasy Games with passion!

Spiral Lane focuses on developing inspired Tabletop Games related to the Fantasy Genre!

Worldbuilding, unique system development and beautiful lore are the components of the Spiral Lane Productions creations!

Our Games

Meteor Tales Roleplaying Game RPG 2nd edition core rules, fantasy, game, tabletop, ttrpg

METEOR TALES - 2nd edition.

Written by: Angelos Kyprianos.

Artwork by: Charidimos Bitsakakis.

This is the complete guide that introduces you to the game of Meteor Tales. Use this book to create fascinating characters according to your preference and start a true, inspired, well designed, Roleplaying Game that features:

  • Realistic combat system with vulnerable characters deprived of the safety of "Levels".

  • Unique magic system that requires roleplaying and skills for the tracking and usage of catalysts for spells and rituals.

  • Character creation process through 10 Steps/Chapters that produces rich backgrounds and deep, realistic characters that do not revolve around a Race+Class formula.

  • In Game Development of characters allowing each Player to be in control of their own development in terms of Experience Points, without relying on the Story Teller.


Written by: Angelos Kyprianos.

Artwork by: Charidimos Bitsakakis.

GRIMSTONE is a Tactical Combat - Tabletop Roleplaying Game written and developed by Angelos Kyprianos. The game features original artwork by Charidimos Bitsakakis who was asked to design gravure-like illustrations to truly capture the essence and the atmosphere of this dark fantasy, flintlock RPG project. Supplementary artwork has been used and credited within the book.

  • Tactical Combat utilizing environment and physics.
    Weapons from older to more modern technologies, from sword and axe to pistol and musket.

  • Classless system that allows you to develop Domains such as "Traditional Weapons", "Unarmed Combat", "Advanced Weapons", "Magic" and "Science".

  • Lethal System with Anatomical Hits and Low Threshold for Wounds that does not change with "Levels".

  • Autonomous Development for characters based on "Practice hours" and "Real Combat".

Roleplaying Game RPG 2nd edition core rules, fantasy, game, tabletop, ttrpg, grimstone
Meteor Tales Roleplaying Game RPG 2nd edition core rules, fantasy, game, tabletop, ttrpg, age of grit

METEOR TALES - Age of Grit (Now on Kickstarter).

Experience a new TTRPG that features Dynamic Combat!

Epic adventures await!

Join this Dark & Epic World and learn all about the new "Grit System" and how it will help you achieve a cinematic combat experience in your game!


Written by: Angelos Kyprianos.

Quickbelt is a complete, Roleplaying Game contained in just 4 pages.

It is a game that can be played when friends gather at a place and decide they want to play a spontaneous session of a fast and easy tabletop RPG right away!

Quickbelt can be set up in 1 minute and you can begin adventuring in 2!

Quickbelt contains:

  • A complete set of Rules contained in a single page.

  • 3 Character Classes with different abilities and Experience caps.

  • 35 Encounters including Undead creatures, Monsters & Encounters of various Terrains.

  • 30 Spells that can be used by Heroes and Monsters alike.

quickbelt, Roleplaying Game RPG rules lite, fantasy, game, tabletop, ttrpg
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