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Day 1-3

Vitallia is in Moon: Wolves, Werewolves, and Norwolves gain +50 Grit.

Day 4-6

Vitallia is in Saktru: Magic & Abilities that utilize Sound gain +3 Risk.

Day 7-9

Vitallia is in Mea: Vampires gain +50 Grit.

Day 10-12

Vitallia is in Githenia: Elemental Magic Rolls get +1D10 Bonus.

Day 13-15

Vitallia is in Derema: Difficulty for Healing Treatments increases by 5.

Day 16-18

Vitallia is in Atram: Relocation magic does not function.

Day 19-21

Vitallia is in Pantheon: Thaumaturgy Magic suffers -1 Grit Level.

Day 22-24

Vitallia is in Dorania: Difficulty for any Craft is reduced by 5 Points.

Day 25-27

Vitallia is in Aluhar: Nature Magic Rolls get +1D10 Bonus.

Day 28-30

Vitallia is in Darkness: Nothing happens

Calendar of Vitallia Table

3rd: Day of the Hearth, 6th: Knight of Knights, 17th: Day of the Circle, 23rd: Blood Champion, 30th: Blood Booth


2nd: Day of Justice, 4th: Mountain Heart, 9th: Day of the Fallen, 10th Evergrave, 11th: Day of Shelter, 22nd: The Mountain Warrior March

3rd: Birth of Magic, 12th: The Rebirth of Goualekir, 17th: Bard’s Day, 20th: Day of Storm, 25th: Dragon Gate, 30th: Fallen Blood


2nd: Day of the Dead, 3rd: The Red Sun, 6th: Dragon Bay, 9th: The Escape, 14th: Silver Blood, 23rd: The Northhunt


1st: The Sun Knight, 2nd: Summer Songs, 10th: The Apprentice, 12th: Green Night, 13th: The Creator, 20th: Barren Festival, 24th: Day of the Messiah


1st: White Night, 3rd: The Green Trees, 4th: The Desert Festival, 9th: Seven Caravans, 10th: Sailor’s Day, 17th: Black Sails, 25th: The Birth of the Moon


5th: The White Shore, 14th: Tournament Arcana, 23rd: Golden Day, 27th: The Trident Festival


1st: City of the Sun, 5th: The Stone Gates, 8th: Lionfalls, 12th: The Cyan Council, 14th: Lord of the Sea, 22nd: Journey East


1st: Brother of Blood, 3rd: Traveler’s Day, 8th: The Hall, 12th: The Summoning, 13th: Day of the Guide, 15th: Day of the Four Daughters, 18th: Night of High Magic, 26th: Day of Avalia


2nd: The Three Knights, 3rd: Day of Silence, 9th: The Black River, 15th: Day of the Phoenix, 24th: Runik Festival


1st: The Great Night, 5th: Day of Knighthood, 9th: Days of Stone, 12th: Day of the Alliance, 15th: Baracora, 19th: The Chosen Warrior Feast, 23rd: Day of the Dragon


2nd: Stone Dragon, 7th: The Growl, 8th: The Cell, 9th: Lions & Men, 15th: Day of the Volcano, 19th: North Route, 23rd: Royal Landing

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