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Meteor Tales: 2nd Edition

Meteor Tales combat

Introducing Meteor Tales: 2nd Edition, an immersive medieval Fantasy Roleplaying Game centered around a Realistic Combat System. If you're a fan of dark and gritty medieval settings with a plethora of choices, intriguing mechanics, intricate magic, detailed characters, and intense battles, this game is tailor-made for you. The core rulebook encompasses all the necessary mechanics and monster information, enabling you to embark on adventures without delay.


Welcome to the real fight!

Meteor Tales: 2nd Edition highlights:

- Experience a realistic combat system where characters are vulnerable and lack the safety net of traditional "Levels."
- Engage in a unique magic system that demands roleplaying and skillful management of catalysts for spells and rituals.
- Immerse yourself in a character creation process spanning 10 Steps/Chapters, resulting in deep, realistic characters with rich backgrounds, moving away from the conventional Race+Class formula.
- Take charge of your character's growth through in-game development, allowing each player to control their own progression in terms of Experience Points, without relying solely on the Game Master.

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meteor tales blood magic
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