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RPG - Tactical Combat

Set in the age of Pistol & Musket

Grimstone is a dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game set in the age of Pistol & Musket.

Choose between 6 Human Tribes (including Vampires & Werewolves) and begin your adventure in the grim world of Mea, a place divided between Vestia, the Moon Godess and Berikan, the Sun God. The old faces the new, the sun faces the moon, the axe faces the gun and science faces magic in this journey unlike any other!

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The main book is available in physical and digital form. Buy your copy today!

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THE DARKNESS OF KASTA cover_edited.jpg

The Darkness of Kasta

Grimstone Adventure

An introductory adventure!

A strange incident invokes fear and doubts in the people of Kasta, a remote town that suffered greatly after the Royal War. Since then, the People of Kasta have always found ways to coexist peacefully, regardless of origin or creed. However, doubt and fear might awaken one's worst instincts and Kastian people might soon face new trials.


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token set cover.jpg

Grimstone - Tokens

VTT Tokens and Print & Play files


This pack contains a collection of Grimstone Player Character Tokens. The file includes images for each Token separately and Print & Play files to print your own paper Tokens!

token set cover.jpg

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Grimstone - Free Downloads

Free Downloads

A collection of free files that can be used to enhance your gameplay experience. Download character sheets, combat timelines and other files via the Share File page of this website.

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