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Meteor Tales: Age of Grit Starter Set

meteor tales age of grit starter set box
Free Download - Start Playing! 

You can now download the free starter set and begin adventuring right away! Get a taste of Meteor Tales: Age of Grit and its glorious mechanics!


The Starter Set includes:

  • A brief Ruleset

  • A starter Adventure

  • 5 Premade Characters

Meteor Tales: Age of Grit

Meteor Tales: Age of Grit kickstarter
Introducing Meteor Tales - Age of Grit! 

Dive into an Epic Tabletop RPG Adventure!

Meteor Tales - Age of Grit (MTAoG) is a brand new Tabletop Roleplaying Game set in the Fantasy World of Vitallia. Created by Angelos Kyprianos, the mind behind Meteor Tales & Grimstone RPGs and author of Fantasy Novels, MTAoG offers a unique system and immersive lore that will captivate players from the very first session.

Why Choose MTAoG?

  1. The Grit System: MTAoG introduces the revolutionary Grit System, a simple yet dynamic design that allows you to adjust various aspects of your character's performance using a single "Grit" attribute. Your Grit score affects everything from health and attack to defense and rolls, adding an exciting level of strategy and immersion to your gameplay.

  2. Endless Character Development: Say goodbye to class limitations and hello to a vast skill-based, classless system. With MTAoG's domain-based character development, you have the freedom to create unique heroes with incredible combinations of skills. The possibilities are endless, ensuring infinite replayability and personalization.

  3. Streamlined Gameplay: MTAoG eliminates complicated calculations and mathematical complexities, allowing you to focus on the immersive experience and epic storytelling. The game mechanics are designed to be straightforward, so you can enjoy seamless gameplay without constantly referring to charts and tables.

  4. Dynamic Combat and Environmental Effects: The Grit System adds a new level of dynamism to combat. Shifting attributes based on Grit levels keep the battlefield ever-changing and strategic. Additionally, environmental elements directly influence your character's performance, instantly shifting the dynamics of combat. Adapt and conquer!

  5. Easy to Learn, Fast-Paced Fun: MTAoG's simplicity and focus on the Grit System make it a breeze to learn and play. With just one main bar to track, the Grit attribute, you can engage in strategic and epic battles without getting bogged down by excessive rules and calculations.

Meteor Tales: Age of Grit cover book of heroes
Meteor Tales: Age of Grit
Meteor Tales: Age of Grit
Meteor Tales: Age of Grit

Order Meteor Tales: Age of Grit Today

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