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A story from the world of Vitallia (Universe of Meteor Tales).

This is a LITRPG novel.

Mascardi Berio, a knight of questionable repute, turns his back on his former life and embraces the path of a pirate. Venturing into the forbidden seas of the south, he embraces a perilous mission to rid the plagued islands of monstrous terrors. Bound by a solemn oath sworn in the king's name, Mascardi encounters a new challenge on the open waters: the iron rule of the captain. Navigating the delicate balance between loyalty and his own pirate's code, he embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption and transformation. Join Mascardi as he navigates treacherous tides, crafting his legend amidst the high seas.

The Trident Saga Part 1: 21 Seagulls - Angelos Kyprianos

9,90 €Price
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