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Basic Fantasy RPG is an awesome project that focuses on the basic functions of old-school dungeons and dragons. The game is designed to offer instant adventuring, with easy guidelines, retaining the most favorite elements of classic pen & paper gaming. Certain nostalgic elements such as different experience points for different classes when levelling up will bring a tear to your eye. Aesthetically, it retains the old-school vibe throughout the simply formatted rulebook, making it accessible for anyone who just wants to sit down and play a fantasy game without hustles, niches and confusing elements.

The most amazing part of Basic Fantasy RPG is that the creators offer it for free in PDF form and extremely cheap (probably at print cost) in print form, encouraging everyone to try it out. The book contains spells, monsters, items and mechanics for adventuring such as wilderness encounters, dungeon encounters, random tables, mechanics for henchmen and even strongholds!

To conclude, Basic Fantasy RPG is a must-have book for any retro-clone lover and old-school RPG enthusiast!


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